La remor del món. Mirades a la Col·lecció d’Es Baluard by Juan Manuel Bonet

  • Publisher Es Baluard
  • ISBN 978-84-938055-3-1
  • Year 2010

Book selected as part of ‘Es Baluard’ selection for Gran Meliá Victoria library.

La remor del món. Mirades a la Col·lecció d’Es Baluard: Catalogue of the second edition of the series “Views of the Es Baluard Collection”, this time from the perspective of the writer and art critic Juan Manuel Bonet. The exhibition reflects the path taken by abstract painting from the 1950s, and the influence it made in the ‘80s, which has remained clear until the present. The catalogue includes the colour reproduction of the works and a text by Juan Manuel Bonet, as well as biographies of the artists.

Es Baluard: The museum opened in 2004 in Palma as a museum of modern and contemporary art. Today it is a Spanish reference in its scope. Es Baluard has a collection of over 600 works of modern and contemporary art by artists linked to the Islands and/or with an international career.

Library Collection at Gran Melia Victoria