Workshop with New Modernist Editing

My Bookcase & New Modernist Editing
Workshop, 7February, 10-4pm
Edinburgh, UK*
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The event will open at the archive of the National Library of Scotland which holds a number of important artists’ books dating from the modernist period or drawing on modernist aesthetics, in particular those which raise challenging or unusual questions about the process of scholarly editing. Participants will be given the opportunity to handle some of this material and be guided through it by archivists. The group will then move to Scottish National Galleries of Modern Art, and be led by its librarian Kerry Watson in a workshop engaging with items from their internationally important collection of Futurist and Dada books and publications, among other materials.

Thereafter, Cristina Garriga and Julia Doz (My Bookcase) will moderate a group Socratic Dialogue, following the model applied to the reading context currently explored by My Bookcase. The Socratic Dialogue offers a tool for creative thought. Its aim is to create a space for dialogue and debate where everyone is able to philosophise and where the input of each member of the audience is valued.

During the day we will have the occasion to read relevant texts written by the New Modernist Editing network to be discussed during the Socratic Dialogue.

*Please note that all expenses for participants, including UK travel, catering, and accommodation if required, will be covered.

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