OPEN CALL: Readers & Publishers

Readers & Publishers: OPEN CALL

Calling independent publishers from around the world!

We want to tell people about your incredible work. Take part in Readers & Publishers, a new online directory of independent publishers, by filling in this form.

Readers & Publishers celebrates the work of independent publishers, helping readers discover new exciting titles, ensuring writers learn about publishers that align with their interests, and supporting independent publishers in reaching them.

We launch Readers & Publishersthis November at Printing Plant: Art Book Fair, Amsterdam. Looiersgracht 60’s bespoke book fair ‘Printing Plant’ is accompanied by an exciting public programme. The carefully curated events shine a light on an inspiring range of perspectives pertaining to the artist book and independent publishing. On Saturday 24thNovember, in our first collaboration with Looiersgracht 60, we host ‘Printing Plant x Readers & Publishers In-Conversation with Francis Mckee, David Maroto and Astrid Vostermans’. More information here.

With Readers & Publishers, as a publisher, you can showcase your most representative work and upload your latest books. As a reader, you can scroll and explore and search from a growing list of keywords or by city. Be introduced to independent publishers across the globe with Readers & Publishers.

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In 2017, our community of readers, writers and publishers helped us identify the existing lack of a resource of this kind that featured independent publishers and their work. Here’s what some of the publishers involved have shared with us about Readers&Publishers so far:

We think it’s a really exciting, important project and look forward to seeing how it brings the independent publishing community together. [Independent publisher]

This is a phenomenal project to help spread the word for our love of books and independent publishing. We hope to get better known in the world through and it and are grateful for your important work. [Independent publisher]

I think it is a wonderful idea to connect independent publishers from different countries and to enable a quick exchange of projects and publishing ideas. [Independent publisher]

It is a most reasonable project, that you started. Certainly, independent publishers are connected with other independents in their own country, but often do know little about those abroad. Platforms to internationally stress out one’s highlights, main goals, and news will become essential for our work and visions as independents. Where globalisation is the way for publishing groups to maximize their profits, internationalisation is our instrument to spread fine pieces of arts and literature to the people. Plus it is fun to learn additional forms and ways of publishing independently. [Independent publisher]

Looking forward to being part of this! [Independent publisher]

Great initiative! Hope the directory can help independent publishers reach new audiences around the world. [Independent publisher]

Very curious about the directory, can’t wait to start using it. [Independent publisher]

Congratulations for this project, publishers really need to communicate more often with our readers and future authors. [Independent publisher]

Exposure and presence for independent publishers is vital. A monitored, collated directory is a very useful resource for writers and publishers alike. [Independent publisher]

We much appreciate your dedication to the independent publisher – this is a much needed platform and will be well used. [Independent publisher]


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We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have offered advice, supported the project, or given encouragement so far. With special thanks to our generous Crowdfund supporters and the Deutsche Bank Awards.


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* Image: Book covers by some of the independent publishers showcased on Readers&Publishers. From left to right: Glasgow Women’s Library, Actar, Cooper Gallery DJCAD, Fitzcarraldo Editions.