Community Project: My Bookcase @ The Whisky Bond

During the summer of 2015, we invited studio-holders of The Whisky Bond and members of Glasgow Sculpture Studios to be the first community to create their own MY BOOKCASE Members’ Library.

Participants in the project were asked to contribute 5 books from their personal or professional collection to the MY BOOKCASE @THE WHISKY BOND Library. These had to be available to lend out, to other project participants. In between all a catalogue of the community was created and shaped into a wall-work situated at the building entrance.

Visitors of The Whisky Bond building could had a glimpse into the creative community of TWB through its tenants’s references and interests.

This project and trial of the future My Bookcase Platform, allowed the creation of social bonds amid its members as well as acting as a means for people to meet fellow readers in the building with shared interests.

A big thank you to Helen and Rob from The Whisky Bond to help us bring to life this exciting project.