Forum: I think you are using the word archive inaccurately

In summer 2015, the Market Gallery committee decided to devote time to opening and examining the contents of its archive, to re-think its future use and scope. In support of this undertaking, My Bookcase was invited to provide a platform for discussion, whereby multiple perspectives on archival practices could convene.

During July and August 2015, as part of the first phase of the project, My Bookcase founder, Cristina Garriga, invited individuals and organisations within Glasgow & Scotland to join Market Gallery for a series of informal conversations around archival practices.

These public conversations were shared with:
Jenny Brownrigg (GSA Exhibitions Director), Viviana Checchia (Public Engagement Curator at CCA), GENERATOR Projects committee, Sally Harrower (Manuscript Curator at National Library of Scotland), artist Rachel Lowther, Nicola Maksymuik (Archivist at Glasgow Women’s Library), Francis McKee (Director of CCA) & Glasgow School of Art Archives.

Contributors were encouraged to bring along with them a representation of their archives as a way of opening up conversation and documenting this collaborative process. On display: National Library of Scotland (upper shelf) & CCA (lower shelf) contributions.

For the second phase of the project, we are opening up this conversation to new influences and possibilities by inviting a number of relevant international guest speakers to a one-day forum event. Join our newsletter to keep updated.

The reading list for this project is available for lending through My Bookcase platform.