Islas y Horizontes. Obras de la colección Es Baluard by Nekane Aramburu, Mieke Bal, Manuel Delgado, Francisco Jarauta, Enrique Juncosa, Chantal Maillard, Laia Martínez y López, Pedro Medina Reinón, Biel Mesquida, Joan Punyet Miró, Remedios Zafra

  • Publisher Es Baluard
  • ISBN 978-84-608-9502-2
  • Year 2016

Book selected as part of ‘Es Baluard’ selection for Gran Meliá Victoria library.

Islas y Horizontes. Obras de la colección Es Baluard: Catalogue of the exhibition «Islas y Horizontes. Obras de la colección Es Baluard» organized at Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente-CEART de Fuenlabrada (Madrid). Curated by Nekane Aramburu, presents a selection of Es Baluard collection organised arround of the idea of the horizon. A selection of pieces that modulate the heritage function of a museum like watersheds, and envelope it in a discourse that acquires sense regarding their origin. A museum amongst islands, surrounded by horizons, where the extension is earth and it is water, and was myth and still, intensely, continues to be a pole of attraction for artists and tourists today.

Es Baluard: The museum opened in 2004 in Palma as a museum of modern and contemporary art. Today it is a Spanish reference in its scope. Es Baluard has a collection of over 600 works of modern and contemporary art by artists linked to the Islands and/or with an international career.

Library Collection at Gran Melia Victoria