Perspectives: Negotiating the Archive by Sue Breakell

  • Publisher Tate Papers
  • ISBN 1753-9854
  • Year 2008
  • Tagged
  • Location Glasgow

An article available online printed and waiting for binding.

Interesting article focusing on the role of the archivist and archival practices as a whole. An excerpt from it:

‘Although no activity is objective or free of bias, a core principle of archival practice is to seek to be as objective as possible in what might be called the ‘performace’ archivists enact on the archive. This includes describing material neutrally, documenting what they do to the archive, and intervening as little as possible if an original order is discernible in the papers. Archivists aspire to a democratic facilitation, which seeks to give each researcher the same or similar experience of encounter.

I think you are using the word archive inaccurately

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