Vis-à-vis. Views of the Es Baluard collection by Antoni Garau, Teresa M. Sala

  • Publisher Es Baluard
  • ISBN 978-84-939388-0-2
  • Year 2011

Book selected as part of ‘Es Baluard’ selection for Gran Meliá Victoria library.

Vis-à-vis. Views of the Es Baluard collection: Catalogue for the third exhibition in the “Views of the Es Baluard Collection” series, this time from the perspective of exhibition designer Antoni Garau and the professor of Art History from the Universitat de Barcelona, Teresa-M. Sala. Under the title of “Vis-a-vis”, the curators have proposed a new reading of Es Baluard’s collection, based on exhibition criteria, with the goal of situating us in a significative context of expographic contrasts. The display presents a confrontation between images and concepts through diverse languages and procedures, including installations, sculptural constructions, photography, drawing, painting, visual poetry and conceptual and performance art, with the aim of arousing a multiple perception in the spectator. The catalogue contains a text by Teresa-M. Sala as well as colour reproductions of the works exhibited and the biographies of the artists.

Es Baluard: The museum opened in 2004 in Palma as a museum of modern and contemporary art. Today it is a Spanish reference in its scope. Es Baluard has a collection of over 600 works of modern and contemporary art by artists linked to the Islands and/or with an international career.

Library Collection at Gran Melia Victoria