You shouldn’t let poets lie to you by Ariana Ferreira

“Some people need therapy, some people need discipline and some people need them both. by the end of 2011 I was part of the third group. It is not easy to overcome great losses. You find yourself welcoming everyone and everything that might help. Routine goes from boring to safe. And because every task becomes so precious, I forced myself to pick up my camera and shoot, at least once a day. A picture a day may not take the pain away, but motivation in disguise sure is a blessing.

YOU SHOULDN’T LET POETS LIE TO YOU was born from this daily ritualization, that lasted for over a year. This ambiguous title, chosen from a specific context that I did not knew by then, presented itself to me as one of the most beautiful dogmas ever, where I could fit almost ever fallacious notions I grew up with from books, songs, films, other people’s life stories and, of course, poems.

You shouldn’t let poets lie to you and you shouldn’t let me lie to you neither. These are only a few fragments of a much bigger narrative, and it is your job to fill all the gaps. as well as I did try to fill mines, through the year of 2012.”

O Panda Gordo