Workshop: the window opens like an orange

A writing and publishing workshop in collaboration with artist Joanna Peace. House for An Art Lover, Glasgow, November 2015

On occasion of the exhibition ‘Delaying Tactics’ GSA Mlitt students undertook a mini-residency at House for An Art Lover. There, My Bookcase founder Cristina Garriga and artist Joanna Peace were invited to join them for a day of workshop where writing and publishing were brought together.

The day began with a short presentation from artist and writer Joanna Peace opening up ideas around disorientation, environment, body, political and social structures… and how writing is a powerful tool for rooting ourselves in place. Along with the sharing of work by writers who offer both material and strategies for writing. The presentation was followed by a series of quick writing exercises designed to keep the text ‘broken’: open to change and movement.

At the end of the workshop, students had the chance to review what they had produced and to gave one another feedback.

In the afternoon, students learnt that turning words out onto paper does not need to be an expensive or difficult task. By making available a selection of papers, bookbinding tools, pencils, paints and an A4 B&W printer, we created a space for playfulness where words can turn into experimental printed objects.

After sharing some My Bookcase printed examples as well as giving an account of where to get things done in Glasgow, we gathered as a group to discuss individual projects, and start playing with the available material and content generated from the morning’s workshop.