Workshop: Bookspace

The House that Heals the Soul
CCA Centre of Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
Saturday 2nd September, 2017

Books are nomadic objects. Traveling with us from private to public spheres. They can be found in parks, subways, buses, or cafés as often as on top of our bed, next to the bathtub, or in our bag as we move between these spaces. Their format keeps the words inside safe, supporting the content of the book during its journey and offering a private reading space when opening its cover.

As The House that Heals the Soul exhibition coma to its conclusion, My Bookcase hosted a workshop exploring the different forms books can take. Through the workshop we collaboratively gave shape to a place for books to rest in-between moments or acts of reading. This afternoon of ‘thinking with the hands’ reflected on the materiality of the book as we build the best structure to hold it when in transit between readers. Rather than based upon preconceptions, we called upon our imagination in search of free lines and shapes, materialising them into a series of functional objects.

The collaboratively made structures will be placed at the entrance of CCA in March 2018, becoming a My Bookcase meeting point where the community of readers in Glasgow can loan and borrow each other’s books.