Ten Books#4 : Amy Todman

Ten Books#4: For just a moment then it was strange, as if she was looking at a picture with nothing right where the center should be.

The House that Heals the Soul
CCA Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
Saturday 2nd of September, 16.30pm

My Bookcase welcome Amy Todman (curator of Political Collections at the National Library of Scotland) to speak about her encounters with ten books that have influenced her work. Amy Todman will be introduced by artist Sarah Forrest who shared the invitation with Amy as a continuation of the Ten Books chain reaction that aims to open up a wide selection of bookcases between the community of Glasgow.

Amy Todman is Curator of Political Collections at the National Library of Scotland. Her PhD at the University of Glasgow examined the developing idea of landscape in Britain from 1610-1740. Her studies on history and place, along with her creative practice, engage with the construction and purposes of history, in particular the intersections of history and memory: personal, organisational or more broadly cultural. Having trained originally in drawing & painting and with a wide-ranging literary interest, in her life after hours she continues to explore related topics on both an individual basis and in collaboration with the small press imprint, Brae Editions, with which she published her first book, [cover], in 2014.

See Todman’s TEN BOOKS selection at My Bookcase Platform.

* * *

Ten Books invites artists, writers and readers to share ten books that have influenced their work. Books are made available for visitors to browse them and animated through a public event specially curated by each contributor. The project initiated by My Bookcase first took place at The Project Café in central Glasgow, but now has a mobile form travelling to a variety of frameworks and contexts. Artist Joanna Peace curated the first Ten Books event, followed by her guest, Laura Edbrook. Edbrook invited artist Sarah Forrest to run the third session of the Ten Books events and we will discover later this year who Amy Todman wishes to share her invitation with.

Image: Geneva Sills and Amy Todman.
Event’s images: Pablo Llopis