We are delighted to introduce you to our new project ‘Readers & Publishers’. Connecting readers and independent publishers around the world with an online directory, projects and conversations.

We would like to invite you to join us for its official launch this November at Printing Plant, Amsterdam art-book fair (23-25 November, 2018). For this special occasion, we are designing a bespoke publication, the ‘Open Book’ where independent publishers from the directory respond to a set of questions around 4 main themes:

-Independent publishing and the arts
-Thinking about the Future

These themes will be expanded upon during the In-Conversation event we are hosting in collaboration with Looiersgracht 60, the initiator of Printing Plant. For this event, we will welcome Francis McKee (director of CCA Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow) and Astrid Vorstermans (founder of an editor/publisher of Valiz) as speakers and David Maroto (The Book Lovers) as moderator of the conversation. More info and tickets can be found online, by clicking here.

More than 50 publishers have already joined Readers & Publishers from Cape Town to Isle of Lewis and Chennai to Santa Barbara. Browse the directory and find through the keywords those working in the topics of your interest: feminist literature, artist publishing, performance, black radical theory…

Readers & Publishersis a response to a felt need in today’s creative community: How can I, as a reader, discover those publishers that work specifically with my topics of interest in the vast world of internet? As a writer, how can I connect with those publishers potentially interested in publishing my work? And how as a publisher can I reach an interested public that expands from my usual connections and local exchange?

*Book covers in the image by: Paper Monument, backbonebooks, Las Injurias, Looiersgracht 60, Space Poetry, Pariah Press, n+1.