Open Book #1

Readers & Publishers: Open Book #1 was produced on the occasion of the launch of Readers & Publishers online directory in November 2018.

Open Book #1 shares thoughts from independent publishers listed on Readers & Publishers with the keywords ‘art’ ‘contemporary art’ ‘design’ or ‘artist’s books’ who were invited to respond to questions on the themes of community, readership, and the relationship between arts and independent publishing.

– How do you envision the relationship between independent publishing and art?
– What role can independent publishers have in creating communities or being supported by them?
– How do you see the relationship between independent publishers and their readers?
– How do you imagine the role of independent publishers in shaping the future of publishing?

You can read and download Open Book#1 here.

We would like to thank all those whose words have shaped this book, including ATLAS Projectos, backbonebooks, Book Works, Cooper Gallery DJCAD, dpr-barcelona, Foe Publishing, In The End, Books?, Las Injurias, Lolli Editions, Looiersgracht 60, MARIA†. editions, Saqi Books, and Tara Books. Their contributions help us to take part in a conversation within this book where we imagine the future(s) of independent publishing together.

In collaboration with Looiersgracht 60, the initiator of Printing Plant: Art Book Fair, we hosted an In Conversation event on 24th November 2018 welcoming Francis McKee (director of CCA Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow) and Astrid Vorstermans (founder of an editor/publisher of Valiz) in a conversation moderated by David Maroto (The Book Lovers) expanded the themes of Open Book #1.

The discussions started by Open Book #1 will help inform the next phases and concerns of the Readers & Publishers project.