Workshop @ CAMPLE LINE

On the occasion of artist Louise Hopkins‘ exhibition Flying Fox at CAMPLE LINE (Dumfries, Scotland), My Bookcase was invited to lead the creative workshop A catalogue, a piece of folded paper, a building or an environment*…

The workshop allowed participants to explore Flying Fox from their own personal experience. Taking as a starting point a selection of texts by the artist and CAMPLE LINE, we explored the relationship between text and work, transforming them into new forms, generating a collective publication that offers a new reading of Flying Fox.

Image [above]: Workshop in progress
Image [below]: Shape created in the workshop interacting with Flying Fox


Flying Fox exhibition (8 September – 15 December 2018) is a dynamic encounter with colour, abstraction, grid and place. Through abstraction, artist Louise Hopkins’ connects us vitally and emotionally to our surroundings. During the workshop, and through the use of reading, writing and shape making we explored our individual and collective relationship to the exhibition and CAMPLE LINE’s unique setting.

At the end of the workshop, participants created a collective shape that My Bookcase has turned into this collective digital publication.

Read & Download CAMPLE LINE Collective Publication here.





Images [above]: Collective Publication, 2019
Images [below]: Shapes and content created during workshop, 2018


* A linking factor in
 all my work is that it addresses/responds to context; this might be the context of a catalogue page, a piece of folded paper or of a building or environmentLouise Hopkins, CAMPLE LINE exhibition text, 2018.