Flow Country Book

FLOW COUNTRY is a collaboratively written piece of fictocritisism by artist Jasper Coppes and archaeologist Daniel Lee. It is designed by My Bookcase and published by Publication Studio Glasgow & My Bookcase.

Based on their earlier cinematographic ventures into a contested site in the far North of Scotland, the book is a reconnaissance of real and imagined sites – taking shape as a liquid land that fluctuates between blanket bog, film emulsion and literary space. The book offers a possible way out of the many ‘transformation-narratives’ that tried to exploit or reform this vast terrain.

The book will soon be available online at Publication Studio webiste. If you’d like to pre-order a copy of ‘Flow Country‘ now, send us an e-mail to order one. The book is 15€ (including VAT) plus postage costs.



Centre of Contemporary Arts, Glasgow
5th of May 2018

Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam
12th of May 2018